Become a great sports contributor/caller

We want your contributions through phone calls, emails and text messages. Here are the guidelines for each.

Phone Calls:

  • Call us on a good clear phone line, land line is preferable over a mobile phone if we cannot hear you we cannot use you.
  • As Jim Rome says “Have a take and make sure that take does not suck”. Before you get a chance to go on the air with your comments, you will need to tell the call screener exactly what it is that you want to talk about. The call screeners are instructed to only put the best callers on-air and screen the rest out. If your take has already been heard on-air you will most likely get screened out.
  • We want to get as many different callers on air as possible, so if you call often you may get screened out so we can give a few different callers their chance to be on-air
  • We want to get through as many callers as possible, so when you do get on the air don’t ask “how are ya doing?” – trust us, everyone is just fine. Just get straight to your take and we can get through more callers.


  • Email the guys who are on-air now.
  • The same concept as above applies – our email screeners are instructed to only pass along the best email comments to the show hosts and to screen out the less than worthy stuff.
  • No “War & Peace” novels please, brevity counts. Obviously the more entertaining/opinionated/funny your email is the better the chance it will get read on air by the hosts.
  • No attachments, you are welcome to send us the links to funny songs/guy getting hit in the junk videos etc. If necessary one of our show producers can always follow up with you if we need your song or whatever in a different format.


What is a text message?
A text message is a text-based message sent or received on your mobile handset.

How can I send a Text Message to TEAM Radio?
Just text your messages to 104040 (a $0.50 network fee applies for each SMS you send in) from your mobile phone. You can send your comments, sports rants, or questions to our on-air hosts any time. Our hosts will receive your message and might even read it out on air, so remember to include your name in the text message.

How much does it cost to send a text message to TEAM Radio?
For each text message you send in costs $0.50. There is no premium fee to receive messages from us.  You will not receive unsolicited messages (a.k.a SPAM). Your mobile number will be kept private and not passed on to third parties.

How do I stop receiving text messages from TEAM Radio? 
To exit from any service, just send the word STOP to 104040. ($0.50 per msg sent)

What is a shortcode?
A shortcode is a five or six-digit number used to address text messages. Our shortcode is 104040.

Who can see my mobile number?
Your mobile number is kept confidential. It will not be used by anyone without your permission.