Alex Golesh, USF Football Coach, is All Eyes on the Bulls

Golesh, whose squad has begun spring practice after a week off, said, “When I tell you we’re targeting every single item, we’re reteaching what it takes to be a college football player at this level.” Alex Golesh’s, micromanagement started under Jeff Scott. He arrived at USF with a bulging three-ring binder covering every aspect of how he intended his program to operate.

“Naturally, the goal is to promote a championship lifestyle and spread the idea that success comes from carrying out the little things well every day. Others may view it as excessive teaching, and there are many inexperienced coaches on the collegiate scene whose focus on the small print distracted them from the broader picture,” Golesh explained.

Every component of their program has a standard, he said. “It goes from their coaches to their players, support staff, academics, nutrition, strength, and every single person that comes in contact with their athletes. And everything is very, very stark and white. He believes that, as instructors, they can really muck things up when they make anything gray. There is a norm. Either they meet the requirements, or they don’t. And they’ll boost that standard after they’ve attained it.